This works better than new year’s resolutions

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I find myself contemplating the concept of resolutions. Traditionally, these declarations call for significant shifts, demanding our brains and nervous systems to adapt swiftly. However, the reality is that such resolutions often fizzle out rapidly. While mindset is undoubtedly crucial, my belief is anchored in the potency of small, practical steps—a pathway to authentic and lasting transformation, all cushioned by the embrace of self-compassion.

So, what aspirations do you hold for the year ahead? Are you considering shifts in your career, envisioning new milestones for your business, contemplating the landscape of your love life, or perhaps delving into deeper realms of self-care? I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the changes you desire and ponder the manageable steps you can undertake to manifest them.

In the tapestry of my 2024 goals, the pursuit of fluency in German takes center stage. This might seem unexpected, given that my relationship with the language during a decade of study, three decades ago, was lukewarm at best. Yet, in a surprising twist last December, I felt a profound shift within. I seized the opportunity, engaging a language coach, incorporating daily sessions with Duolingo and Babel, and even immersing myself in German-dubbed TV series. Far from a herculean effort, it has become a mindful and gradual process that aligns with my present state of being.

Now, turning the spotlight to you—what could infuse more joy into your life in the coming year? Do you have a clear roadmap, or are you seeking clarity? If the latter resonates with you, fret not—I’ve got your back!

Allow me to introduce the Soul Alignment Intensive—a power-hour session meticulously crafted to guide you in decluttering your life and charting soul-aligned actions for the new year. With a focused approach on one specific area, we’ll collaboratively craft your personalized plan to reach your desired destination.

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Wishing you a year filled with abundant joy, clarity, and the liberating embrace of freedom.

With Love,


Photo credit: pexel.com.