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I’ve been featured in various online publications and podcasts, discussing topics like self-discovery, transformation, and living a purpose-driven life with ease and flow. Join me as I share my insights and techniques to help you overcome your dark night of the soul and live your best life.



November 2022

Monika Martin speaks about how her podcast got started, how entrepreneurs can use podcast appearances to their advantage and provides her #1 tip for any podcast guest looking to make an instant impression.


I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

Monika Martin Of Embody Your Flow On Why So Many Of Us Are Feeling Unsatisfied & What We Can Do About It.

An Interview With Drew Gerber

UP JOURNEY - November 2022

How To Recover From Burnout

Are you feeling run down, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Do you feel like you can’t keep up with your work or to-do list? If so, you may be suffering from burnout.

UP JOURNEY - October 2022

The Importance Of Being Yourself

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been told to be yourself. So what does it actually mean to be yourself? And more importantly, why is it important?


MEDIUM - September 2021


HOW TO BE – October 2022 : Why and when it’s a good time to quit?

SHE’S SUCCESSFUL MORNING SHOW – October 2022: Healing Trauma.

BEAUTIFULLY AUTHENTIC – October 2022: Healing from burnout and toxic environments.

THE KORNELIA STEPHANIE SHOW – December 2022: Stories That Inspire Hope

SHUT UP AND GRIND – December 2022: Overcoming trauma and PTSD.

THE BEHIND THE SHADES SHOW – January 2023: Talking about overcoming trauma.

THRIVE HER PODCAST – February 2023: Living life in alignment & healing from C-PTSD.