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Soul Alignment Intensive

Life Declutter and Action Alignment Session

Do you find yourself struggling with the unique challenges of being a highly sensitive individual? The overwhelming emotions, the constant search for clarity, and the persistent feeling of being out of sync with the world around you can leave you in a state of perpetual turbulence. If you resonate with these struggles, I’m here to offer you a lifeline.

As a fellow highly sensitive individual, I understand the daily battles you face. The emotional rollercoaster, the difficulty in making decisions, and the relentless pursuit of inner peace can be both mentally and physically exhausting. But I want you to know that there is hope, and there is a path to navigate these challenges with grace.

In my Soul Alignment Intensive session, specifically designed for highly sensitive individuals like you, I offer a safe and nurturing space to explore these challenges. Together, we’ll address the emotional rollercoaster and provide you with the tools you need to regain control over your feelings and responses. We’ll delve deep into your unique situation, uncovering the underlying causes of your emotional turbulence.

Clarity will become your ally as we work together to unravel the complex web of thoughts and emotions that often cloud your judgment. You’ll gain a profound understanding of your true desires, values, and purpose, leading to decisions that resonate with your authentic self.

Moreover, the unending quest for inner peace will be met with the empowerment you need to find tranquility within. With tailored guidance, intuitive support, and practical techniques, you’ll find the emotional mastery you’ve longed for.

This Soul Alignment Intensive session is a dedicated journey towards resolving the challenges you face as a highly sensitive individual. It’s an opportunity to transform the way you navigate the world, with the peace of mind and clarity you’ve been yearning for.

Don’t let the challenges of being highly sensitive hold you back any longer. Book your Soul Alignment Intensive session today and unlock the power within you to regain control, find emotional mastery, and cultivate a life in alignment with your true self. The journey to clarity, emotional freedom, and peace of mind begins now.





1 very deep and thorough questionnaire for you to fill in before the session, so we can dive right in during the call!

1 intensive 1:1 session of 60 minutes where I will support you to find clarity and peace of mind so you can make soul-aligned decisions.

Assignments for you  to support your journey.

Unlimited support by email for 7 open days after our session.

Here’s what my clients say about my services!

“Monika from Embody Your Flow was the perfect person to talk to, to calm the panic in my head! During our Zoom session, she helped remind me how to shift my mindset and put in place realistic strategies to take my sales game up a notch. She really understood me and was warm and personable. I couldn’t recommend her enough if you want to be more mindful or conquer any issues related biz-wise or personally.” Sandra

“I enjoyed our meeting via zoom. You’re very good at what you do. I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and struggles with you. Thank you for listening to me and believing in me. It made my day. Your method and music help me to calm and clear my mind. It helps me a lot since then. Thank you again, Monika.” – Jenny

If you are ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and alignment, the Soul Alignment Intensive session awaits you. Your investment in yourself is just 250CHF/$290*. This includes everything stated above. Your transformation starts now!


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** Unlimited support from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (Paris Time = CET/CEST time).

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