This is something that someone told me not long ago: “Why do you feel like this when you’ve done all this work?”

Remember me crying for over 10 hours straight at the end of 2023? Well, I reached out to just one person and that was their answer.

Working on myself, doing healing work, and consciously choosing to embody more of my true self every single day doesn’t mean that I will not go through difficult moments.

And that’s when the work that I do comes in! I don’t pretend everything is fine and push through like I used to. I don’t hide my feelings from myself and keep a smile on my face. Doing the work enables me to be honest with myself and allow myself to feel my emotions. All of them. Not just happiness and calm but also chaos and pain.

We are human beings. Life is not all rainbows and butterflies. We go through challenges. We have our pain and wounds. We have triggers. We have things to heal from that will come up once in a while and we also have to face what life throws at us.

Choosing happiness is not about pretending. Choosing happiness is about facing our emotions, surrendering to the process, and being able to move forward.

And, if I had just one piece of advice to give you it would be to let yourself FEEL!

If you need guidance to do so, feel free to book your free connection call!