Rebuilding Trust & Finding Love after Domestic Violence

Join us for an empowering episode as we sit down with the incredible Megan Anderson, a podcast host and domestic violence survivor.

Megan’s story goes beyond the surface, shedding light on how childhood trauma shaped her love life as an adult. She courageously shares her path to breaking free from an 18-year abusive marriage, unveiling her exit plan and the strength it took to reclaim her life.

Through her journey, Megan found healing and a renewed sense of love with the support of her life partner. His unwavering presence played a pivotal role in her recovery and growth. Megan’s experiences serve as an inspiration, offering hope and strength to others walking a similar path of healing.

Don’t miss this compelling conversation on the profound power of love and healing after enduring domestic violence. Tune in for an episode filled with insights, resilience, and unwavering courage.