This is not what people are selling in the coaching industry these days and while some people experience shifts overnight, a shift of mindset doesn’t equal a change in the physical reality right away.

Let’s say you want to run a marathon but you’ve never trained before, let alone run. Running the marathon is going to take time, effort, and dedication.

And because everything in life starts with us and manifests from us, the best way to create change is to deepen your relationship with yourself.


Have you taken the time to listen to your heart? How does it feel? What does it long for?

Have you taken the time to listen to your body? Does it get enough rest? Is it fed properly?

Have you taken the time to listen to your soul ? Do you listen to your intuition?

Have you paid attention to your thoughts? Do you let yourself get overwhelmed by the negative voice in your head?

If every single day you paid attention to all of these components of yourself, you’d be able to create change on your own.

But, I know deepening this relationship with yourself can be really hard when we all have been programmed from day 1 to disconnect from ourselves. Yet, alignment is key to sustainable success and living a life that makes you feel happy, fulfilled, and free.

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