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Return to Yourself


Are you navigating the intricacies of life as a highly sensitive individual, yearning for a path that leads to emotional mastery, clarity, and lasting peace of mind? I see you. I hear you. I am you.

In the midst of life’s swirl, where anxiety, childhood shadows, and the amplified highs and lows may be your daily companions, I invite you to join me on a transformative 6-week journey—your personal odyssey back to yourself.


Perhaps you find yourself entangled in the maze of overwhelming emotions, unsure of which way to turn. Your sensitivity, a unique gift, sometimes feels like a double-edged sword, intensifying the highs and lows of life. The outside world might seem a bit too loud, and the chaos within might be drowning out your inner voice. Does this resonate?

Your Desires:

You’re seeking more than just a program; you’re seeking a sanctuary. A place where your sensitivity is not a hindrance but a beacon guiding you. You want to develop a deep connection with yourself, to trust your instincts, and radiate a confidence that springs from authenticity. You long for clarity in your purpose, a mastery of your emotions, and the sovereign ability to lead your own life.

You may be going through:

  • Overwhelm: The intensity of emotions can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost and disconnected.
  • Lack of Clarity: Life’s path might seem foggy, and you yearn for a clear vision and purpose.
  • External Pressures: Societal expectations and external pressures may make you feel like you’re not in control of your own narrative.
  • Anxiety: Daily battles with anxiety may be sapping your energy and joy.


 What you can gain:

Imagine a life where your sensitivity is your superpower, not a source of struggle. Envision unlocking your inner wisdom, building unshakable trust in yourself, and radiating a confidence rooted in authenticity. Picture a journey where you gain clarity on your life’s purpose, master your emotions, and become the true leader of your own life.





Six 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes each. 1 individual call every week where we work on your blockages, limiting beliefs, emotions, and everything that’s keeping you from embodying who you truly are. These sessions are a container for breakthroughs and growth where you can be yourself, and shed your old layers.

2 audios to help you feel Relaxed & Calm, and Activate Your True Self.

Assignments for you between each session to keep the momentum and support your journey back to yourself.

Unlimited support & assistance over email for 6 weeks** because you being seen, heard & supported is the most important component to achieve your goals with ease!

The “Return to Yourself” Program Offers:

  • A sanctuary for self-discovery and transformation.
  • Guidance to trust your intuition and make heart-centered decisions.
  • Tools to uncover and embrace your authentic self.
  • Support to clarify your life’s purpose and gain a clear vision.
  • Techniques to navigate and master your emotional landscape.
  • A path to break free from external pressures and embrace sovereignty.
  • Practices to cultivate calm, resilience, and genuine happiness.
  • Insights on harmonizing your being and regulating your nervous system.

If you’re ready to RETURN TO YOURSELF, find clarity, sovereignty and peace of mind, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation together.


Here’s what my clients say about my services!

“I loved to have Monika as my coach and support. When I met her I was really overwhelmed and I hated my job. Throughout our sessions, I gained a lot of clarity about my own blocks and together, we worked on releasing them so I could find my joy again.” – Sabrina

Coaching with Monika came at exactly the right time for me. I had been neglecting personal boundaries around my time and energy. Monika not only tapped in effortlessly to the areas where I was not valuing my worth, but also gave me practical suggestions on how I could implement positive change. Since our sessions my life is running more smoothly and I feel in control and confident. Monika is an amazing alignment coach who I would recommend wholeheartedly if you are feeling stuck in a rut or looking for new direction. Thanks Monika. Emma

“Monika helped me to step up and to acknowledge the power within me and one of my big heart desires which I denied.  Something really opened up. Life continues with a bigger honesty to my self this way. This lady is spot on and I highly recommend her.” – Elise

If you’re ready to embark on a 6-week journey of personal growth and transformation, I invite you to join me. The investment for RETURN TO YOURSELF is 2197CHF (Swiss francs) which is about 2500USD*.


Frequently Asked Questions


All sessions are conducted online over Zoom (free) in english or in french. Therefore, I can work with you wherever you are located in the world.

HOW shall I PAY for 1:1 coaching?

You can pay directly with your card using Stripe or with Revolut.

If you have an european bank account, you can also pay with a bank transfer.

What is the difference between the two 1:1 programs?

“Return to Yourself” and “Become the Leader of Your Life” share a foundation of guiding individuals toward self-discovery, authenticity, and joy. However, the key distinction lies in the duration and depth of the transformative journey.

“Return to Yourself” (6-week program):

  • Offers a condensed, focused exploration.
  • Ideal for those seeking a powerful, yet shorter commitment.
  • Provides a solid foundation for self-discovery and cultivating resilience.

“Become the Leader of Your Life” (12-week program):

  • Extends the transformative journey for a more in-depth experience.
  • Perfect for those desiring a comprehensive exploration and lasting transformation.
  • Expands on the benefits of the 6-week program, diving deeper into self-mastery and leadership.

Benefits of “Become the Leader of Your Life” (12-week program):

  1. Deeper Transformation: Explore self-discovery, resilience, and leadership in greater depth.
  2. Comprehensive Skill Building: Master tools for heart-centered decision-making, emotional intelligence, and authentic leadership.
  3. Sustainable Change: Allow for a more gradual, integrated shift in mindset and behavior.
  4. Holistic Empowerment: Navigate challenges with a well-rounded skill set, fostering enduring self-leadership.

Choosing between the two programs depends on individual preferences and goals. The 12-week program is designed for those seeking a more profound and sustained transformation, making it an ideal choice for a comprehensive journey toward becoming the true leader of one’s life.

my question is not here. HOW CAN I contact you?

Please feel free to contact me.

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** Unlimited support from Monday to Friday during business hours.